Monday, December 1, 2008


Today I didn't feel like going to class today so I decided to help my mother out with her daycare and clean my room boy oh boy "gosh it was like a zoo today". I'm so tired and just ready to
 eat some mexican food..  This is the week that I finish paying off my debt card debt.... Gosh I'm never going to do what I did again... Really it wasn't my fault but still I should never listen to her... I was talking to my mom about online college because this community college I'm at isn't working one bit... So I made up my mind I'm going to finish up this semester and then I'm leaving that sucky ass college......  Really a boring day nothing really e
xciting to do today but I'm going to leave you with photo of my room...

I'm Back..

(ahem) Hey peeps ( heart that word)
It's been a while... Sorry =( 

I hope everyone had a "Happy Thanksgiving" I sure did my boyfriend surprise me by coming down on wednesday when he said he was going to come in on Friday I was Shocked =O
I really have a  great boyfriend I love him sooo much...
vv mine vv
(Back to the subject) Yeah he called me and was like what I was doing me and my old self was on the bed reading a book. He was like go outside I was like thanks for the heads up so I comb my hair and got up and walked to the side door and opened it and there he was standing there I was like OMG. He was like smiling and I was just stunned I was like "OMG I can't believe you lied to me." he was like "I didn't lie" I was just so happy and just was too happy... He almost gave me a heart attack.. That was wednesday night guys..