Monday, December 1, 2008


Today I didn't feel like going to class today so I decided to help my mother out with her daycare and clean my room boy oh boy "gosh it was like a zoo today". I'm so tired and just ready to
 eat some mexican food..  This is the week that I finish paying off my debt card debt.... Gosh I'm never going to do what I did again... Really it wasn't my fault but still I should never listen to her... I was talking to my mom about online college because this community college I'm at isn't working one bit... So I made up my mind I'm going to finish up this semester and then I'm leaving that sucky ass college......  Really a boring day nothing really e
xciting to do today but I'm going to leave you with photo of my room...

I'm Back..

(ahem) Hey peeps ( heart that word)
It's been a while... Sorry =( 

I hope everyone had a "Happy Thanksgiving" I sure did my boyfriend surprise me by coming down on wednesday when he said he was going to come in on Friday I was Shocked =O
I really have a  great boyfriend I love him sooo much...
vv mine vv
(Back to the subject) Yeah he called me and was like what I was doing me and my old self was on the bed reading a book. He was like go outside I was like thanks for the heads up so I comb my hair and got up and walked to the side door and opened it and there he was standing there I was like OMG. He was like smiling and I was just stunned I was like "OMG I can't believe you lied to me." he was like "I didn't lie" I was just so happy and just was too happy... He almost gave me a heart attack.. That was wednesday night guys.. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Feeling under the weather :(

Sick today hopefully Tomorrow Will Be better Night Night.....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

YAY, Todays my first day writing in my blog I feel like a little kid lol. 
Wow today  was a busy day. I woke up around 6 am and gosh let me tell you I got up feeling so sick and
 didn't want to go to class but I did because I know my professor would probably freak lol. So I got up brush my teeth and wash my face put on my red turtleneck because it was so cold li
ke 40 degrees or s
omething then I put on my blue jeans LEVI and brown UGGS boo
ts. So then my friends called me to tell me he was on his way to get me. I went to the kitchen to take some medicine and sure enough he was like I'm outside I grab my black trench coat and I was ready to go back to bed but I was like no have to go to class. So we arrived to my college and we go inside I was ready for there yummy coffee that they serve but it wasn't open quite yet so we went in the lodge and watch Televis
ion I ask him what time did his class start he said 9:30 my mouth drop :O I was like are you freaking kidding I could've been sound asleep in my comfy bed so I tried to go back to sleep but it was too loud I was like please be quiet lol. Then my friend walk in the lodge and she took out her laptop and she was like Amber DJ some kids she was talking about was dancing to Pretty Ricky I'm a big fan of them lol. SO then she begin to play "Love Like Honey" I started singing and the music was up really loud but I didn't care. Here I am being loud now lol. So time past by and it was like around 8ish something and the cafe' is now open so I go into the line to order a biscuit and coffee and order then walk back to sit down and eat my stomach start to go booooooooolllllllop I was like ut oh and my friend was like what I was like my stomach aching which causing me not to drink my cup of coffee and eat my biscuit. So then I get the urge to eat it and then omg you talking about some intense pain. 

10:00 I get a call on my blackberry pearl and its
 my friend calling "Amber what are you doing?? It's my bf linda she's on her way to school and wanted to meet me at the cafe to get some coffee and I told her that I needed her to buy me some juice she was like okay but instead I get a ginger ale lol. So as time is passing by acting like its frozen I look at my phone I'm like "I'm Five Minutes Late to class" so I leave them and race to my class. Its hard running in boots too lol. SO I get in my class and he's talking and didn't notice me walking in. We're carving pumpkins I was ready until he gave us the prep talk omg its was sicking to my stomach how much work is to be done just to get the guts (inside the pumpkins seeds and the other yucky stuff) out of the pumpkin tell me how I was supposed to cut a 40 degree circle out so that it could have some angle but I didn't know that he told me it was in the guild lines he gave us so many papers and thinking that I'm going to read all that junk lol. SO I finish my pumpkin and my stomach is hurting and getting sicker and he's like don't leave I want to show you some student work on our CoCo chanel project so much work this man give us but I'm going to just suck it up and get it over with. So after class I called my buddy to ask him if he was ready to leave he was like yeah he was going to take me to sonic omg he let me drive to lol.. I was soo happy and he was like Oh lord but he knows I can drive. I pulled up to sonic and he ask me what I want I say Sonic Burger and a sonic blast mmmm.... Then I go home and eat and then try to get like at least 30 minutes of sleep but that didn't happened lol. My mom come in my room "Amber you coming to help me"?? I'm like sure... BRB